Broken Bottle Dreams

The day I wore the elixir of your unbegotten power,

When I waded in your shallow murky waters--set

Adrift in the swaggering song of a compromised

Promise. Home fire wishes spun on apron strings

And dawning painfully bright on an enlightened sea of

Misery. Our ship fathomed to an anchor not found in

The realm of reality I sipped from your faded flower--

An infidelity of the heart sewn among patterns

Of a threadbare tapestry—woven by half-truths

Binding my destiny to a divergent unraveling path


this is not your life. I am drowning in

The shifting sands spilt by your lips and am

Washed away with your acidic tongue. A

Surreal struggle responsible for ripping apart

The sutures meant to mend a star-crossed rift

Between the egos of child-like souls--dissatisfied

With the cargo they transit into the next generation

Incapable of comprehending the magnitude

Of this gift lost to these quicksilver tides etched

Upon a rough and tumble coastline. To aimlessly

Wander without the aid of lifelines or lanterns

To ignite the lighter way through the darkest hour--

My spirit a phantom of the double helixes’ imagination

Riding betwixt the moonstruck glow of pop culture

And the desperate burning of dreams unworthy of

Awakening possibilities out of the bloody abyss.

To gasp a bit of fresher air outside the womb

Of your treacherous sphere of influence;

On a malleable wave of memories not lived

An explosive expulsion out of safety’s harbor, I am

Ran aground on a hostile shore—due to your lusty

Actions of a sinful design—expelled from the warm,

Nurturing ambrosia of Eden. I am stranded and

Shattered by the barren nature of your desolate heart

In an effort to navigate my own way home, through

The wilderness. A shocking realization that survival

Is not a right; and rescue is only an option for the fittest

Of instincts clinging to life and fighting for my passage,

Unscathed through the storm still raging across the

Horizon of this uncharted island of buried treasures.

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