Manifest Destiny:

Great White Father needs more.

Columbus invested and infested this

Corner of puritanical pretention riding

On the shoulder with his speeches

Derived from stolen patterns he

Dresses up as his own fanciful

Thoughts. As if, he is bringing forth

An original creation sprouting from

The ethereal and divine landscape

Of the muses' mind for his own

Crowning achievement in academic

Glory spilling unfettered into the

Unknowing territory of blank pages

Unable to question his authority--

Permitting frazzled extensions of his

Vanities to cascade down the waterfall

Of a narrow mind--growing across the

Masses of unassuming minds. They are

Blinded to the hubris of the man's natural

Superiority complex--echoing simple

Thoughts of exaltation from their lips.

The Pontificate's sycophants moisten and

Pucker, in order to win favor and permanently

Weave their wagon trains onto his mane of

Outlandish truth and greedy manipulation.

Narcissism ejaculating drops of gray into the

Aging and serpentine tributaries flowing

Through the assimilated consciousness

That disregards his own contribution to the

Savage slaughter of tradition and culture--

Relegating the sacred stories of Grandma

Spider to a subordinate mythical position

In the scholarly mind. He is submerged

In the tangled thicket of entitled tresses

Curling his flamboyant fingers on territory,

Not his to take. There is no shortage of

Meta-discursive actions in the over

Inflation of his ego or the dubioiusly

Homogenous language. It blots out any

Periphery chances of seeing the exotic

Terracotta beauty in a Shaman sun,

Shining over faded feathers, webs,

Seashells, rocks, and beads. The trickster's

Hide covers hollow words that are

Mighty in the majority of their vapid,

Stereotypical meaning. Yet the eye

Of an eagle can spot the bald-faced lie

That sits atop the mountain, but is never

Truly Spokane.

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